Artist of eclectic training and activity, musicologist and interpreter dedicated to the medieval repertoire. He is a disciple of the tenor Josep Benet, and has studied philosophy, art history and musicology. He is currently finishing his thesis supervised by doctors Maricarmen Gómez Muntané and Manuel Castiñeiras at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

His performances combine musical practice with sets of his own authorship, set in heritage spaces that recreate dreamlike spaces of reflection and feeling. Likewise, he gives lectures in academic institutions and universities, illustrated with exhibitions of instruments and the interpretation of medieval music. He is also the author of specialized publications and recordings of the medieval repertoire for the French label Trob’art.

Since 2015 he has directed the European project Awakening sleeping instruments, for the construction of replicas of the musical instruments of the Ripoll Portico. This is an initiative that includes large-format concerts, with the music of the Ripoll Scriptorium, which is representing the UNESCO candidacy of the Ripoll portico around the world, and which has received funding from the Creative Europe program of the European Union and of various administrations in Europe.

The Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya has commissioned him to create and direct the La Ciutat Perduda festival in the Archaeological and Heritage Site of Olèrdola, and since 2017 a program for the construction of instruments and musical performance in the Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes.

Among his large-format artistic actions, Oliba episcopus stands out, a creation for the Bishopric of Vic for various performances to commemorate the millennium of Bishop Oliba in some emblematic cathedrals and monasteries of Catalonia.

His work with the recreation of the musical instruments of the Ripoll Portico has earned the 2020 National Prize for Prestige Crafts, awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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